Ocqueoc Township

Property Tax Bills

Due Dates

Summer tax is billed July 1, and is due on or before September 14.

Winter tax is billed December 1, and is due on or before February 14.

Late Payments

Late summer taxes will accrue a penalty of 1% interest per month in which they are late.

If the summer tax is not paid prior to December 1, it will be added to the winter tax bill along with the accrued interest.

All unpaid taxes are turned over to Presque Isle County on March 1 each year. Please contact the county to pay tax bills. (989) 734-4075

Things to remember regarding Ocqueoc Township’s tax policies

  • Postmarks are NOT accepted. Please allow at least 7 days when mailing..
  • Stamped, self-addressed envelope required if requesting a receipt.
  • Partial payments are accepted.
  • Multiple parcels: Payment can be combined in one check; List parcel numbers included.
  • We will accept and hold post-dated checks to the date of the check. Please include a note that states it is post-dated. If a check is post-dated past the due date, interest will be charged.

Drop-Off Payment

Ocqueoc Township has a drop-box available for your convenience!

The box is located at the top of the ramp by the main entrance doors at the Township Hall.

Mail Payment To

Ocqueoc Township
14101 N. Allis Hwy
Ocqueoc, MI 49759